Where is N.O.W.?: Girl Kidnapped by Boko Haram Captive Has Rapist’s Baby; Shunned

What I have seen with the Boko Haram has been more than a travesty, and it’s reason #487 why I’m glad I was born in a Western country.

Meet Aisha Musa. She watched Boko Haram thugs kill her entire family before they kidnapped her, forced her to be a jihadi wife, and was raped repeatedly. She fled and is now in a refugee camp caring for her baby–the product of her repeated rape. And instead of being welcomed with compassion, she is being shunned by her community. “Girls like Musa are regarded as spoiled goods — her baby a very public reminder of a cruel and unfair shame,” writes Debora Patta, reporter for CBS News.

WTF…she was kidnapped and RAPED and it’s HER fault? The MEN were supposed to protect her and they FAILED, but they blame HER??? Why is it that when certain men FAIL to PROTECT their women they turn around and BLAME the women?! I see this in the black community in America and pretty much every country ruled by Islamic radicals. Oh. And then there’s India.

This is an example of how backwards, third-world countries ruled by religious zealots looks like. The next time folks say we would be better off if we would all over back to Africa better think again, especially if you’re a woman. Not everything that comes from Africa is inherently good, and not everything about governments established and ruled by white men is inherently evil. Excuse me while I kiss the ground.


Let’s Look at Who Doesn’t Care

Isn’t it crazy that there’s always so much outrage about how black slave women where raped by the masters and forced to have their babies 150 years ago, but this is HAPPENING NOW and none of the hoteps on my timeline are really giving a crap.

What really surprises me is how feminist organizations like the National Organization of Women have been mostly mum on the subject. Oh…they got an intern to write a piece that got one piddly comment. Guess they’re just too busy doing slut walks and free bleeding to get around to it, I guess?


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