Which is More Important–Your Hairstyle Or a Good Guy??!

I want you to watch this video. A black woman is suing her white ex-boyfriend because he threw her in the pool and messed up her hair, which caused her to have to fly home early in total distress and shame.

I swear to white baby Jesus, this stuff is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s summarize:

Lady has a boyfriend that SURPRISES her with a vacation to Hawaii. She’s so OBSESSED with her hair that it literally precludes her from interacting with this man’s friends, thus making her appear bitchy and antisocial. She’s humiliated. HUMILIATED that he PLAYFULLY picked her up and threw her in the pool, and she was soooooo upset that she bought an early ticket back home and broke up with this dude.

I find it unbelievable how some of us black women are so preoccupied with our hair that it precludes us from interacting with other people in healthy ways. Seriously. You accept a trip to Hawaii and expect to not swim or get in the water with your boyfriend’s buddies? WTF is wrong with this chick?!

I for the life of me cannot understand how a woman will allow her HAIR to be antisocial. And to allow hair to mean so much to you that you break up with a nice guy because of it? He’s better off.

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