White Men, Black Women, THIS is When You KNOW It’s a Fetish.

How many of you are absolutely fed up with how some people try to make non-black men (especially white men) feel guilty about having a preference for black women and label it a fetish. This notion has been used for decades to preclude black women/white men unions by “concerned” individuals who “worry” that black women are being taken advantage of. Onlookers, who can not fathom why a white man would want a black women over, well ANYONE including a blow up doll throw that f-word around because they’ve bought into the black-women-at-the-bottom propaganda.

Remember all the hand-wringing that occurred with Lupita Nyong’o was Hollywood’s darling “it” girl? There was an entire panel discussion on the now-defunct Huffington Post Live (in which I was a guest) where the host, Marc Lamont Hill seemed to be completely flummoxed that she was so adored and sent him in a panic of cognitive dissonance.

Folks like to throw that word around without even knowing what it truly means. So I did what anyone good reporter does and actually Googled the definition. I came across this article on WebMD, reviewed by an actual M.D. Check out the definition of “fetish.”

While you might like the sight of your partner in a pair of high heels during sex, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a shoe fetish.

A fetish is sexual excitement in response to an object or body part that’s not typically sexual, such as shoes or feet. They’re more common in men.

Many people with fetishes must have the object of their attraction at hand or be fantasizing about it, alone or with a partner, in order to become sexually aroused, get an erection, and have an orgasm.

A person with a fetish might masturbate while they hold, smell, rub, or taste the object. Or they might ask their partner to wear it or use it during sex.

Hmmm….so…a fetish isn’t a whole person, but a body part that’s not typically sexual–like an eyeball or a knee. God be praised!! It’s perfectly NORMAL for heterosexual men to like big boobs, round asses, chocolate skin and full lips. Aren’t you soooo relieved?

Here’s my take:

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