What the Cuss?

White People Who Used the N-Word and Got a Pass

Before I get into the meat of this, I want it to be clear that I do not condone the use of the n-word in any form–whether “lovingly” used or “hatefully” used. So when I see that Russell Schiller, the HBCU student who created the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous campaign using it in the context of slang, I’m not okay with that.


But what I’m also not okay with is the selective outrage black people have whenever a white person uses the word, while others use it copiously and as filler between subjects and predicates. The fact that someone pulled a conversation Russell had with his friends on Twitter as evidence that this young man is insincere, a white supremacist (lmao how laughable) and is simply fetishizing black women is so comical and sad. Because if anyone, ANYONE shows love to black women who isn’t black gets investigated for blood type, social security, bank and criminal records for any infraction shows that many black folks are deeply suspicious of anyone actually loving black women. Why??…because we’re so terrible? What’s the matter? Are you scared that the guy used the n-word with his buddies–in the “familial” way might give the women you ALREADY call bitches, THOTS, dark and ugly, hookers,hair hats, etc the idea that someone not black could actually love them?

I love how I’m a coon and a bed wench for reporting this story, but Howard University made this campaign a front-page story on “The Hilltop” and nobody said or did a thing. Was I supposed to do more “research” than the University??


Russell was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a all-black neighborhood, where he was obviously considered an “honorary” black person by his BLACK, MALE PEERS, because he began to feel a love and affinity for the black community and obviously found acceptance there, much to his parent’s chagrin. Still–the used of the n-word is wrong when anyone uses it, and I wish Russell hadn’t, and will use this experience to correct his references in the future. I hope all who use the word do that too.

But let’s not try to ignore that fact that some black folks are using the “wait till he calls you a nigger!” phrase to instill fear in black women who seek interracial relationships, and why this blog is currently being attacked by sites like Bossip for highlighting what was a positive and affirmative project that Howard University sanctioned and used as it’s public information.

Black men flooded our feed yesterday in order to tear us down and hurt our psyches and mock us because Russell used the n-word with his circle of friends. But can someone please explain this to me? I’m looking at the black-male approved group of folks below who used the n-word and I’m trying to figure out how these folks still have friends and careers. Oh…I guess if black men approve, then it’s okay to invite them to the barbecue too, or nah?

Update: Russell Schiller makes a comment:



Eminem uses the n-word in concert while black folks bob their heads to the beats.

Gwyneth Paltrow Says N-Word and Jay-Z still loves her.



Quentin Taratino uses the n-word copiously and still has a career, because black men like him.


Rapper T.I. discovered Iggy Azalea and she got the “nigga” pass from him.




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