What to Do When a White Woman Calls You the N-Word

Yesterday I reported on my YouTube channel an event in which a white woman, ostensibly enraged over a parking dispute, revealed her true feelings about her neighbor’s son, who is dating a black woman.

The entire event was caught on tape.

Turns out this extremely angry woman is a television news producer, responsible for how information is distributed throughout her region. That’s a whole other thought to consider.

But as a member of the media, she surely must know how revealing such racist views caught on video for prosperity can ruin you utterly and completely. Even that knowledge wasn’t enough for her to bit her lip and lash out in a temper tantrum because the son of the man filming her–an Ivy League graduate and attorney–is dating a black woman. *gasp! oh the HORROR for her!!*

The perpetrator is Robin Cross. On her Facebook page, she labels herself, Dedicated News Professional, Mom, Best Friend and Plant Lover. I’m just going to guess that her “best friend” isn’t black, and her love for plants does not extend to a love of all people.

Incidents like this seem to be popping up a lot lately, and it’s important to understand the deeper issues here. Women like this racist are becoming more angry as they witness the men they deem desirable and entitled to making different choices with dating and mating. There are some deeper issues here that we will continue to discuss in the best-selling Pink Pill course and private group, but there’s a few things I will say openly.

In my video, I asked the black women watching what a “non-surprising” response from them would be. Many said, “I would beat her a**!” or “I would call her a fill in the blank.” While momentarily emotionally satisfying, it’s not winning at the long game.

There are cultural differences that black women will encounter when the enter into other ecosystems. Donkey behavior is met with cold, hard revenge from more refined people. Avery Fenton didn’t curse out this hateful woman or stand buy to let his black girlfriend fight her own battles. He used tactics, strategy and influence to bring her down, and now that racist is out of a job. Now that’s what I call a CLAPBACK!

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