What the Cuss?

Whose Va-Jay-Jay is it Anyway? Not Every Man is Entitled To Your ‘Secret Garden!’

I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help it.

Backstory: I have software that tracks the websites that link here. One of those places is a rachet site called Black Men Vent. They were obviously talking about BB&W on their private forum, so I can only IMAGINE all the cute, cuddly, flower-filled, honey-laced language used to describe this place. These are the so-called “good brothas” we’re all supposed to be wanting instead of “Mr. Thug Bone,” but their contempt for black women is so palpable I have vomit in my mouth. Anyone who says that BB&W is a black man hating site has OBVIOUSLY not listened to this.

If you can stomach listening to the audio, you’ll get to the part that inspired this post. Apparently, according to these guys, once you aren’t a virgin anymore, you’re a slut, and therefore, men are entitled to run through you like a train-track tunnel. They scoff at women who say they are “celibate” after having a child.

So…let me get this straight. Because a woman has had sex before marriage, and subsequently got pregnant, she should just own the “sluthood” title and let you have it? If she’s celibate after having a child and doesn’t want to sleep with your dumb arse, I call that SMART!!!

But what is sad is that these “men” (and I use the term as loose as their mother’s must have been for them to hate black women so much) is that they’re pushing this faulty logic onto young girls who don’t know any better. These guys are operating with a Taliban mentality that says once you’ve given away your virginity, you are soiled, spoiled and your va-jay-jay no longer belongs to you, rather, it belongs to any knee-grow or rainbeau who wants it.

If you're not walking around looking like this chick, you're a BIG OLD HOE BAG, right, Black Men Vent? Is that whatchu say?

What is even more horrifying it that these “men” have mothers, daughters, aunts and cousins that they must HATE to the CORE, because that’s the only way to explain this kind of rhetoric. True; you can only be a virgin once, but the opposite of virgin is not a filthy slut.

Where the hay-ell does this entitlement come from? Why are black women expected to have their hymens intact while black men are free to impregnate and not marry 73% of black children? Are these guys having sex with goats, or the very women they claim are “slutty” to have been so naive to have laid down with their sorry arses?

On the other hand, I am not of the “slut walk” faction of feminists who think they should be able to have sex as freely and without compunction as men do. Sorry girls, it. just. don’t. work. like. that. Serotonin and oxytocin, aka “the happy hormones” that make you form attachments are released during sex, and if feminists really wants to push being happy after sexing an entire football team, then they should be out picketing pharmaceutical companies to create meds to block what happens naturally, so they can be just as man-whorish as they want to be.

Either way, no man is privvy to your secret garden because you might have accidentally (or even on purpose) gave away the goods to somebody who didn’t deserve it.

So to the proprietors of Black Men Vent, I say, GTFOOHWTBS!!!!!

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