Why Does EVERYTHING Have to Be a Movement?

Intermingled with monthly school shootings, police misconduct, a potential trade war, Russian meddling, and Donald Trump’s mistresses, we have yet another protest to hashtag on Twitter. Saggy boobs.

Yes. With all the things going on in the world, Chidera Eggerue wants YOU to know that saggy boobs matter. Apparently, this member of the perpetually triggered Millenial generation wants to call attention to the alleged pressure she feels to have perky boobs.

I’m speechless.

When this came up in our private Pink Pill discussion group, we pretty much let out a collective sigh.

I seriously think that these “LOOK AT MEEEE! I’M OPPRESSED!!!” publicity stunts will eventually come back to bite these people. I mean, how do you tell a future employer that you feel you’re best qualified because you got the world to stop and contemplate your saggy boobs?

Somebody call this woman’s mamma. She’s a gorgeous girl who just needs a good bra and to be banned from Instagram and Twitter so she can get on with her life.

What say you?



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