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Why No Self-Respecting Black Woman Should Pay to See “Straight Outta Compton”

By now you’ve probably seen the trailer for the movie, Straight Outta Compton, which tells the story of West Coast rap group, NWA (Niggas With Attitudes.) You might be tempted to watch, or just throw some money at a “black movie” because your community insists that you support ANYTHING black, even a movie celebrating the utter degradation of YOU.

Easy E, Ice Cube,  and Dr. Dre (and later Snoop Dog) were all part of NWA, and I was around when the group first made the scenes in the 1980’s. And I’ll admit, I was bopping my head and singing along when “Boys in the Hood” came on the radio. I was mired in ignorance of what I was really ushering into the public consciousness. I saw it from the beginning, and what I’m telling you is the absolute truth: The members of NWA were the fathers of gangster rap, and they’re responsible for the decline of conscious hip hop and the degradation of black women. They started the trend to call black women “bitches and hoes.” They utterly corrupted a music genre that was, before they came to shit on it, a truly beautiful thing.

NWA glorified gang life, and they lived the lives they rapped about. Dr. Dre regularly beat his baby mama. Easy E was so slutty and nasty his lifestyle contributed to him eventually dying of AIDS. This group no doubt played on the decks of “6-4s” to hype up the gangbangers inside right before the killed countless gang members and innocent bystanders, many of them babies and children.

Suge Night was also at one time affiliated with NWA, and by now it’s pretty obvious this man is a stone cold sociopath, in jail now for killing a man by running him over. Twice.

The popularity of NWA was first fueled by blacks and influenced and sullied real hip hop groups like the Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, The Pharside, Digital Underground, the list goes on and on. Then it bled into white suburbia. Oh; and NWA is also the reason a pimply-face white boy who lives in a gated community will call your kid “his nigga.”

Their utter contempt of black womanhood through song and deed is so innumerable–the glorifying to physical abuse, out-of-wedlock baby making, calling black women the vilest of names–originated from this group. There is absolutely no reason, I REPEAT, NO REASON any black woman would go to see this movie, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone in the blogosphere really taking this on. Boycotting this movie would send a definitive statement that we are no longer interested in making people money who have utter and total contempt for us. If you ever needed a movie to boycott and tell everyone you know to do that same, it would be this one.

Stop lining the pockets of people who hate you. Men, don’t give money to a venture that degrades the women you love. You stop funding it and supporting it, they’ll stop doing it. It’s as simple as that.

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