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Why No Love for Swirling Power Couples in Hollywood?

We’ve got Brangelina.

Beyonce and JayZ.

George Clooney and his chick of the week.

But why no love for mega-power couples like, oh…I don’t know… GEORGE LUCAS AND HIS BLACK GIRLFRIEND?!

My friend Yellow Moon first brought to me the idea that Mr. Lucas funded a movie that none of the studios in Hollywood were interested in with $58 million of his own money. Yes; he’s a billionaire, but still. Apparently the powers that be in the film capital don’t think enough black people will watch a movie that’s not produced by Tyler Perry.

Here’s what the lovely Miss Moon had to say:

Now, who among us believes that the fact that George Lucas has spent *$58 million of his own money* making an action movie about the American heroes (the black pilots) of the Tuskagee Airmen is merely coincidental to the fact that he loves his black girlfriend of the past few years very much, and due to that love (and awareness of the black experience in the U.S. through her), he has decided to invest so much in this film? There is no shortage of material available if you want to make an action movie about war heroes; why has Lucas picked these heroes? You can draw your own conclusions – I’ve already drawn mine. There are black people who claim that women who go out with white men just need to turn in their “black card”, that they no longer can represent black people in any fashion. To me, it is precisely relationships like the one George Lucas and his SO (the beautiful Mellody Hobson) have that are going to do the most in furthering understanding and tolerance among all of us. Ms. Hobson “represents” every moment she is with George Lucas, simply because of who she is – a black woman. The same thing happens with BW-WM couples who are just regular people. All black people (and white people, too) benefit from the positive ripple effects of these relationships, ripple effects that radiate outward into the rest of society in both obvious and subtle ways.

Lucas has had a long time love affair with black women, but you wouldn’t know it if Hollywood had it’s say. Why don’t we ever see this beautiful couple getting hounded by the paparazzi whilst they run naked at some tropical beach he probably owns?

“My girlfriend is black, and I’ve learned a lot about racism including the fact that it hasn’t gone away, especially in American business,” Lucas says in an article in USA Today.

That about sums it up, huh?

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