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Why Seagrams and ‘Mad Men’ Go Hand-in-Hand

Ginger ale has always been a staple in my family when somebody’s belly ached, and ESPECIALLY when I was preggo with one of my four kids. And with parenthood, a refined taste (for alcohol) is developed, mostly because it makes all those dirty dishes and toys sprawled everywhere look fuzzy.

However, I’ve recently been very particular about my sugar intake for health reasons related to my strong desire to not develop diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or hormone-related cancers. To my delight, I picked up a can of Seagram’s Ginger Ale and, lo and behold, it only has 2.7 grams of sugar and 2.7 grams of carbohydrates (which fits in nicely with my 15-to-20-gram daily sugar limit) for a yummy nightcap involving vodka–the “other” kind of water. Seagram’s even has a diet version of their ginger ale, which has zero calories and zero sugar.

Stir ingredients together. Serve over ice.

If you’re a non-drinker (???) or just need something refreshing after a workout, you might like Seagram’s flavored sparkling water. Flavors come in Key Lime, Orange Citrus, Black Raspberry, and White Peach–all calorie free and sugar free.

Seagram’s has recently started the “It’s Good To Be You” campaign. I’ve got to say I like it–it’s very Mad Men-ish. When I think “It’s good to be you,” I think of some hot-looking man in a black suit and skinny tie and a strong square chin holding up his drink and toasting to my awesomeness and saying, “Hey, Chris, it’s good to be you.” He’s toasting me because I just sold one million copies of Swirling and the movie just reached blockbuster status. After he toasts me, he turns to you with a devilish grin and toasts you too, because you got yours. Thank you, Mr. Draper. Thank you.

While Seagram’s musters a nostalgia of 1960s cocktail parties, they’re still all tech-savvy, with their new Facebook app, which you can use to ìstampî a friendís photo with the GTBU (Good To Be You) logo. I’m going to make one and use it as my Facebook profile picture in anticipation for my Mad Men wish coming true. Which reminds me…where’s my vodka?

*Takes sip*


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