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Why YOU Should Do Online Dating One Mo’ ‘Gain.

I know; I know. You went out on that one date with that one dude and he breathed through his mouth, is a decade older than his picture depicted, and looked at your boobies the whole time. I get why you don’t really want to try it again.

But too DAY-UM bad! Hands down, it’s the widest net you can cast to meet the widest range of potential rainbeaus.

Enter Alex and Camille Barnett, who met on a site called It was her ailing mother’s wish that Camille, a fashion designer, start looking for a mate on the interwebz (who says older people don’t know what’s up?). She was in her late 30’s by then and was a little anxious to meet “The One” and feared for the future of her unfertilized eggs. Alex had been plugging along as a lawyer, even though he hated it, and took a break from billing all those hours to connect with Camille.

What was WIN for Camille was, that according to her, Alex proposed a meeting right away. “Some men you meet online want to drag out the process with emails and instant messages for months before actually meeting,” she said.

Their first date lasted five hours. But despite the initial rush to meet, their relationship developed slowly and deliberately. Seven years later, they are now expecting their first child in August.

Oh. Did I mention that Alex is also a comedian? And a pretty good one, too:

In the video Alex talks about his “girlfriend” (aka Camille) being pregnant. Glad to say he just had an overwhelming urge to marry the mother of his child. Good for you, Alex. Otherwise I would have had to go all “No Wedding No Womb!” on you. Stay tuned for more on Alex and Camille, and how they’ve successfully managed the Christian/Jew issue, which will be covered in detail in the book that is currently the bane of my existence because I just want it to die already.

You all know MY story, and how I met The Hubster online when the internet was just a glimmer in Al Gore’s eyes. And I know–things have changed a lot. But overall, I think those changes are for the better. But I KNOW there’s some of you who are doubtful, gun shy, or just plain turned off. That’s why I brought in my new friend Rico (aka Your Royal Flyness) “ugh” at the name, but turns out, this guy is pretty darned smart and transformed himself from a nerdy boy who couldn’t even get the ugly chick in high school to getting top picks in college, all by adopting a few tricks that he learned about human psychology. He’s wrote several books about online dating, and the one I want you all to check out is From MySpace to My Place: The Ladies Guide to Finding Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. In his book he gives a few tips that I’ll sneak on to you:

Your profile:

Are you a dancer? Do you like to knit? Do you play ball? Find something you are good at and do not be afraid to display that talent. (This is also a way you can tell if a guy is actually paying attention to you).

Rico then goes into great detail on what he calls “Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light” men. Green is a winner, Yellow is proceed with caution and Red means run very, VERY far away. A big red light on his list is liars, and here’s how you can spot them on an online profile:

1. His income says over $250,000 (Most people who earn this much, omit this field altogether).

2. He has a photo with himself holding a stack of ones.

3. He takes pictures at a car show or dealership, pretending that he actually owns one of these cars.

4. Claims to know the celebrities in his top friends list.

5. He elaborates too much on a hard to believe story (liars unconsciously tend to over-explain themselves).

For more, you’ll just have to buy the book. It’s a quick read, entertaining and well-written. He gets a ‘thumb’s up’ even though his moniker is about the cheesiest I’ve ever heard.

By the way, Alex and Camille are starting their own doll company and the proceeds will go to children’s charities. More on this later.


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