Are YOU Willing to be the Sacrifice to “Save” Your Phenotype? One Man Thinks So.

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I received this long-assed comment from a viewer of my You Tube channel by a man named Darryl. Check it out.

I am among those who believe we should sacrifice our relationships time happiness and future toward the survival of our phenotype. I am fully aware that black women have a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to who they date.. I also understand that women have a biological clock that ticks every menstrual cycle so the time in which they have to have kids (safely) is ever-shortening. I also believe that other races (including individuals in our own) benefit in the short-term from our ultimate destruction. I simply don’t see how sharing our genetic material our time innovation love and presence benefits us collectively. I do understand its short term benefit to individuals but to the collective i see it as a power diffusion.

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Men like this believe YOUR WOMB is an incubator for SOLDIERS to fight in an endless, fruitless war.

I see interracial relationships as a loss in power and an open invitation to other communities to maintain a parasitic relationship. I see bros and sis who do this in the same way I see a drug dealer or Rev. Porkchop selling hope in the pulpit ..just some black face recieving temporary individual gain at the expense of our collective long term well-being.  [THIS MAN BELIEVES BLACK WOMEN FINDING LOVE IN OTHER RACES AS EXPLOITIVE TO THE COLLECTIVE. YOU ARE SIMPLY A GAMBIT FOR THEIR WAR BY PROXY WITH WHITE MEN]

We can no longer afford to be so individualstic we have to cooperate in all things if we want to survive. I dont feel that black people who choose to interracial date/marry/procreate owe me or anyone else an explanation, but when black people ask me what I think I refuse to lie or pretend. Every relationship romantic or otherwise deals with power dynamics. When an Asian woman/man enters into a relstionship with a Black woman/man regardless of that individual Asian’s socioeconomic status he/she is in an advantage because of the power of asian organization of community labor. In fact I would venture to say that their socioeconomic status is linked to their proximity to a collectivist lifestyle. In the powerdynamic-driven relationship of marriage women tend to take on the characteristics of their mate and men as well (to an extent).



Beautiful African American woman with a large afro hairdo making a hushing gesture holding her finger to her lips as she requests silence, with copyspace

This isn’t a big secret if you really listen…you’re not entitled to “individual happiness. That’s for white chicks, I guess…


We’re not even a whole people. we haven’t done the psychological, economic, nation-building work necessary to be a whole people. [IF IT HASN’T HAPPENED AFTER 500 YEARS, IT IS UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN. SORRY, BRO] We’re so splintered and diffused that adding to that diffusion is stupid in my opinion. We already give up our innovation (technological and otherwise) our bodies (earned and unearned labor) minds (our thoughts of who we are have euro-origin) hell even our souls (the black church) with institutions that have european origin. At what point do we finally behave colletively? at what point do we put the needs of our people ahead of our individual happiness?

We dont deserve individual happiness if our people are still suffering, we dont deserve happiness if our daughters still pick the white doll over thr brown, we dont deserve happiness if our bros are still murdering eachother in the streets, we most certianly dont deserve an ounce of happiness if we dont own and operate the majority of businesses and institutions in our respective communities. [WHAT UTTER, SELFISH BULLSHIT!!]

Our collectivist moments have always been the key to our survival and success. In order for us to survive and succeed its going to take a disciplined and organized effort from the current and future black generations. I’m not necessarily a separatist, I do believe that one day maybe we can procreate and marry outside of our phenotype without it causing a diffusion of the self. [YEAH; NO DOUBT ON A TIMELINE CREATED IN THE IMAGINARY WORLD OF BLACK KINGS AND QUEENS POPULATED BY SILVER UNICORNS AND GOLD-PLATED PHALLUSES] I do believe that one day black people will be able to approach all relationships with equal footing but until we do it will always benifit others more than ourselves. The black family unit has historically been the source of our strength it is my hope that we dont continue to destroy that with our individual wants.

I’d love to hear your response in regards to how this is a tactically sound strategy. But then maybe strategy is the wrong framework, maybe our survival is not important to you (us). Maybe you’re under the belief that if all races coalesce than that will be the end of racism and the unfair treatment of our phenotype. Regardless of phenotype consolidated and organized power always beats disorganized power. So if this one-race world did exist we would still be divided between old money and new money. We are in a fight for our very survival we should use every ounce of energy we can muster to combat our numerous threats and I dont believe this helps us in any way. Black people have been marrying and procreating with whites since… forever. If that were the key to our ultimate happiness it wouldve happened by now (my opinion).

He wanted my thoughts, so here they are:

Darryl, black women to NOT owe their wombs to anyone but themselves. We are not gambits to fight some race war black men are wielding against white supremacy. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Black women are NOT entitled to forfeiting their happiness for “the cause!” How incredibly selfish and dehumanizing are your statements??? How DARE you? The black phenotype is in NO DANGER. AFRICAN is the ORIGINAL phenotype of humanity. We have an ENTIRE CONTINENT that shares that phenotype. YOu’re being alarmist and hysterical.

What you read above was just ANOTHER example of how the black community COMMODITIZES it’s women as foot soldiers in a war that never ends. Sounding a ALARM OF FALSEHOOD that black people are somehow in danger of losing their “essence” by intermingling with other races is how men like this play on the nurturing and protective instincts in women to their own end. Individually, we are only COGS to men like this. OUR NEEDS AND DESIRES DON’T MATTER. 

Now, I know there will be black women who will read this and join the rallying cry of the fake ass fear of losing blackness. There will always be. But will you be one of them?

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