What the Cuss?

Is There Any Group That Blames the Victims Worse?!

So I’m reading about this miscreant who threw a bowling ball at a woman’s HEAD for not accepting his offer to buy her a drink, and the author over at Madame (makes) No-sense said, “This is the reason I answer to street harassment no matter how annoying or inappropriate it is.”

Yes, that’s the answer. Bow into the bullying and abuse. While we’re at it, I guess we should also give in to giving these “men” blow jobs and sex so they’ll feel like men, shall we? Because after all, it’s our fault for not knowing how to take a compliment.

The summary:

Omar Sheree Stevenson is the reason I answer to street harassment no matter how annoying or inappropriate it is.


The 33-year-old was at a bowling alley in Rock Hill, SC, recently, and when a woman refused to allow him to buy her drinks he threw a bowling ball at her—-striking her in the head.

Witnesses say Stevenson threw the 12-pound bowling ball at the woman while she was sitting on a bench awaiting his turn at the lane. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found the 28-year-old on the floor next to the snack bar, bleeding from the head. Luckily, the woman didn’t suffer a fractured skull or concussion, but she was transported to the hospital where she received seven stitches and was later released.

Stevenson was arrested outside of the Strikers Family Sports Center where he told officers he lost his temper and regretted throwing the ball at the woman. He’s since been charged with attempted murder and held on $100,000 bond.

Sometimes it’s just easier to take a man up on his offer. Some would rather fracture a skull than suffer a fractured ego.


Yeah; that bitch TOTALLY deserved it.

Ladies, welcome to Blackistan, where it is your DUTY to gently and pleasingly defer to criminals, felons and bullies just to keep bowling balls from landing on your craniums when all you do is refuse them buying you a drink, and then folks will turn around and blame you because you weren’t nice enough. I’m sure there will be calls for the woman to drop charges so that “another brother” won’t be put in jail. After all, it was her fault because she was just acting like an ungrateful bitch.

I just have to draw a contrast here, because I know the narrative would be much, much, much, much different if this were a white man who did this to a white woman. Jezebel would not have that. You see, black women living in Blackistan has a whole set of rules to follow that no one in their right minds outside the community would think is appropriate. In this day and age, I dare someone tell a white woman to allow a man to buy her a drink she didn’t want just to grant that loser a mental blow job. Yeah; that’d go over well.

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