Yes; Daniele Watts Should Apologize for Crying Wolf.

When I heard the initial reports of Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, Brian had broadcast about alleged police targeting of an interracial couple, I like many others, stood behind them in support. I even spoke with Brian personally to get more in depth information. He failed to reveal additional details of the interaction that would have disproved their claims that TMZ acquired, and all of us who rallied in support stood with egg on our faces. It wasn’t just BB&W who was fooled, but Los Angeles activists who rallied in support behind Daniele against the Los Angeles Police Department. Photography and audio called into question Daniele’s claim that the police officers racially profiled her and assumed she was a prostitute. It also proved that Daniele acted like a complete douche bag. Refusing to show her identification, she had the nerve to say, “I know my rights! I played a cop on T.V.!” (Jesus be a publicist…)

Daniele and Brian’s non-event was not only a distraction, but potentially erodes support from legitimate claims of police brutality and racism, which we know DOES happen. And for that, Daniele and Brian should apologize to the activists who are doing real work on the ground to take time to address what essentially turned out to be a temper tantrum by a self-entitled whiner. She also should apologize to the LAPD and the police officers she besmirched. 

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

So will Daniele and Brian apologize for making a mockery of the real issues related to police misconduct? Probably not. But she’ll be sorry when her acting prospect dry up.

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