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Yes, They Mean You Too…”BITCH.”

“Bitch, Hoe, THOT”

A predictable argument I’ve heard from critics on my position to pass on the movie, “Straight Outta Compton,” (you know, the one that celebrates and glorifies the fathers of gangster rap who ushered the ruination of mainstream, conscious hip hop and irreparably damaged the image of black women through their dehumanization of us with the generous peppering of “bitch” and “hoe” in their songs?) has been, “Well, if they’re not talking about you, then you shouldn’t be offended.”

This, from my You Tube channel:

Darion Foster 8 minutes ago · LINKED COMMENT
If you’re not a bitch or a hoe then the lyrics shouldn’t offend you. I feel that they were referring to specific females that displayed certain lifestyles at that point in time. Some of y’all sound salty asf in all honesty. I will support the movie, mainly because the storyline looks amazing, plus I am a huge fan a Ice Cube, as well as Dre. These men have grown from the “rappers” they were to respective businessmen and family men. Ask yourself “If this movie wasn’t based on a true story, would I give it a chance?” I’m pretty sure I would

+Darion Foster You are free to see it. But I’m not paying folks to degrade me. And if you think these dudes wouldn’t call ANY black woman a bitch and a hoe for ANY reason, then YOU, SIR, are part of the problem. These “men” do NOT distinguish. Did Dr. Dre distinguish between bitches and hoes he beat up and the WIFE he beat up and shot at? GET THE PHUCK OUTTA HERE!! That has been a LIE that has been told to us over and over and over so that we can feel superior to “LaKeisha in the hood,” but you best believe there is NO distinction. And you are a fool, and you love these hood fools more than you love and respect black women, and for that reason, you are my enemy.

This has been the LIE that has been told to black women to lull them into silence by creating the illusion that these rappers aren’t talking about them, but some other nebulous, ratchety black chick over there—>. It’s meant to make you feel superior to Boomquisha and Watermeloniqa. And because you wanted to believe it, you did. For decades, most of us did.

Until the day came when ALL of us became bitches and hoes. The day came when a black woman couldn’t go to China, Russia or Ukraine and not be asked to twerk, or if they were in that “one video” with the black girl with the big booty. And don’t let those same men who told you that “they weren’t talking about you” become annoyed or displeased with you, then all of a sudden, YOU were the bitch and the hoe too.

“Bitch, Hoe, THOT”

The other argument is the deflection. “The biggest consumers of rap music are white people!!” But what people don’t realize is a VERY important distinction:

White people consume rap music strictly monetarily and for entertainment.

Black people consume rap music psychologically, socially and culturally.

Which is more dangerous?

White people view rap as some “crazy shit ‘those people’ do” and black folks view rappers as men to emulate. Black girls and women respond in kind. White people can separate themselves from the culture attached to rap, while young black kids internalize it like poison. If you’re age 30 and under you might think this behavior is normal, or what you deserve. But I assure you, no other race allows the degradation of their women like we are, to the point of utter, palpable hatred and contempt. The only other societies I know of that are comparable are third-world militant Islamic groups.

Because our community has allowed for black girls and women to be second class citizens, so to do outsiders, who also have trouble distinguishing between “Boomquisha” and “Kayla” if they have had little exposure to black people beyond what they see on television.

So, yeah. They’re talking about you. And everyone else thinks it’s okay. So let’s please spread the word.



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