I’m the Lead for InterracialDatingCentral.com #BeautifulWoman Campaign…and So are You!!

Beautiful Woman Campaign

The folks at InterracialDatingCentral.com approached me with the idea of dedicating the entire month of March to a social media campaign to shine a light on the unique beauty of black women with their #BeautifulWoman campaign.

Here’s the company’s official take:

InterracialDatingCentral recognizes an unfortunate misconception and misrepresentation that black women are somehow less desirable or less “marryable” than other races of women. This skewed perception is due to their low marriage rates in the United States, and because increasing numbers of black men are choosing to date and marry outside of their race. IDC aims to shift this perception by encouraging people to celebrate the unique beauty of black women and other women of color. 

We chose the common #BeautifulWoman hashtag without mention of race because we want to drive the point home that black women are simply … Beautiful Women. Period. We would also like to see a continued shift in consciousness as to what is considered the ideal American female standard of beauty.

But I’m not just the face, you are too! Post your picture in the comments section so I can put it up on my timeline with the hashtag!

Also, make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook, and be on the lookout for #BeautifulWoman on my timeline!

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