Fashion #Trending: Military Polish

I don’t know about you, but Autumn has sunk in her teeth and the cold is rolling in, here in lovely S. Korea. I know it’s been a moment folks, but with the ten hour work days, I tend to be beat at the end of the week. So I have decided to write two posts every weekend to be posted during the week AND I have been researching trends in European magazines as well as American. That is where I got this classic trend.

I personally love this style, albeit I am a bit biased seeing that I, was once, a military girl myself. This trend however takes  its cue from the Calvary style military dress. Fitted blazers, tweed, brocade, military coats and piping coupled with colors like olive, maroon, gray, camel, navy and black along with high boots and metallic–brass, antique gold and silver–embellishments makes this style definitely swoon worthy. Here are some pieces I found that would work amazingly with this trend. Enjoy and happy shopping!


Military Chic Trend F/W 2012-13
Wallis military coat, 115,930 KRW / Military coat, 151,250 KRW / Bardot mini skirt, 91,420 KRW / Mango pants, 88,315 KRW / Plaid shorts, 40,275 KRW / Platform heels, 120,345 KRW / Slip on shoes, 66,245 KRW / Necklace, 160,090 KRW / Bracelet, 57,410 KRW / daniblack, 178,850 KRW


Military Polish 2012-13
Isis , 55,205 KRW / Wool coat, 244,585 KRW / rag & bone wool jacket, 233,735 KRW / Zara leather bag, 219,710 KRW / Zara leather handbag, 99,255 KRW / Necklace, 68,455 KRW / Bracelet, 35,330 KRW / Anne Klein, 80,465 KRW / Sole Society