The Secret to Beauty Can Be Found When You Dig Deep…In Your Garden

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No matter how many beauty stories we do about makeup and fashion, it all means absolutely NO-Thang if you don't feed your body from the inside out. … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Yakamein Recipe (New Orleans Style)

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Yakamein (Ya-Ka-Mein, often pronounced Yakamee) is a type of beef noodle soup commonly found in many Creole and Chinese restaurantsin New Orleans.  … [Read more...]

Fall In Love with Kale. It Makes Your Hair Grow.

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Okay I said that just to get your attention, but hey, a balanced diet composed of dark, green leafies will help you grow a head of healthy hair, along … [Read more...]

LMAO, I’m All For Cutting Out the Sugar “Butt”…


This came up on my Facebook timeline and I laughed so hard I tooted. Apparently there was a lot of this happening by reviews of Sugar-Free Haribo … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Honey Chipotle Sticky Baked Wings


Honey Chipotle Sticky Baked Wings Great, easy to prepare recipe for finger food at any sports party or get together. Prep: 25 Min. Number … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Baked Root Beer Glazed Ham


Baked Root Beer Glazed Ham Demand for it rises during the holidays, but never goes away completely. The root beer-glazed ham is a fixture on my … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: How to Roast a Turkey, my way.

Bite Me Turkey

How to Roast a Turkey, my way   My roast turkey is one thing: simple. It is un-stuffed and un-trussed; I don’t brine or baste. (Basting washes … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Old Fashioned Cornbread Dressing


This recipe comes from a true Southerner, my late wife Shirley. She doesn't fuss over her turkey and doesn't bake her dressing in the bird; instead, … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Grilled Coconut Lobster


Grilled Coconut Lobster   I love grilling out, especially during the summer to help keep my house cool. Fish isn’t something I normally … [Read more...]

Soooo Good Marinara and Meatballs


Soooo Good Marinara and Meatballs   The rich flavors in this simple, yet delicious, pasta sauce meld together as it simmers. Serve over … [Read more...]

Whatcha Got Growing?


The weather in Southern California is (slightly) cooling off and I've planted some cool-weather plants: mixed greens, green onions, carrots, kale, and … [Read more...]