This is a MUST Buy! “The World’s Healthiest Foods” By George Mateljan

I just got my copy of “The World’s Healthiest Foods” in the mail yesterday and I can’t even tell you how excited I am.

I’ve been linking and directing you to the online version of this book for years.

So why am I so excited about this? WH Foods in the most comprehensive publication on what to eat and how to prepare foods that will keep you in optimal health, stave off obesity, reduce stress, maintain a beautiful and healthy complexion, and fight off deadly diseases.

The new edition of “The World’s Healthiest Foods” includes hundreds of new recipes and ore detailed methods to make healthy eating quicker; instructs you on proper food storage to preserve maximum nutrients; instructs on ways to keep from overcooking food that can lead to 80% vitamin and mineral depletion; shows how refined sugars and grains hurt the immune system; and the anti-inflammatory power of changing your diet one meal at a time.

In short, YOU need this book. I’m about to harvest some collard greens that are ready in the garden. I’m so excited that I can turn to the section of the book on this vegetable and learn about all the vitamins and minerals it contains, what positive effects it has on my body, and how to best prepare it.






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