EarthJeff’s “Swirling on Planet Earth Part III”: The Kids

Continued from “Swirling on Planet Earth Part II

So I mentioned in the other post that Bee and I both have kids.  BG1 is Bee’s first daughter, and she is 20.  BG2 (2nd daughter) is 15, and BB1 (first son) is 6.  Mine are EJG1 (daughter who is 20) and EJB1 (son who is almost 16).  It is an interesting mix and it has already led to some funny moments.  I like that our oldest two are the same ages.

One day I referred to both as our first 2 sets of twins and it has become our running joke.  Not only are our eldest the same age but they are both in college at the same point studying to be teachers.  Go figure!  It is really nice that I am able to help both through that process.  BG1 is really grateful for my help.  She is a wonderful young lady.  She is also the first in her family who will graduate from college.  As I mentioned previously, she and EJG1 are almost exactly alike in every way – except skin and hair color.  One day they both had to take a test that Michigan requires for students before they go into teaching.  Bee and I took them to lunch at a deli-type restaurant in Detroit with a very mixed clientele.  At one point I made a reference to our twin girls.  The older white woman at the next table stared at them, and then at Bee and I with eyes as big as saucers and a “How the hell can they be twins” look.  I put my arm around Bee and Bee smiled sweetly at the woman.  Too bad we didn’t have the 15 year olds with us as well so I could refer to our two sets of twins.  The lady probably would have fainted!

Bee’s kids like me, and that is good. However, her 6 year old son also wrestles with some alpha-dog mentality as far as sharing his Mama with someone else.  The first time he saw me give her a goodbye kiss, he came running up to her and said “Mama, I want to give you a kiss.”  After he gave it to her, he glared at me as if to say “Hey!  She is mine!!”  After he walked away she and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.  The very next time he saw us, I was rubbing Bee’s shoulders.  He came around the other side of her, started rubbing the other shoulder, and glared at me again.  That is OK.  When I am NOT touching his mama, he seems to like me just fine.

BG2, Bee’s 15 year-old daughter, likes my 15 year-old son.  When I gave Bee a picture of him and she showed it to BG2, her daughter said, “Wow, who is that??!”  Bee laughed and said to her “How many pictures do I have of white boys who look just like Jeff”?  (My son is EXACTLY me, by the way – a Mini-Me if there ever was one).  BG2 said to her Mom, “No, I know who it is.  I meant it like – Wow, who is that, he is hot!”
So, I guess my son has it too.  Scary thought, isn’t it???  Not only is EarthJeff walking around, an almost-16 year old version of me is out here too.  And guess what? He also Swirls!