Ever Heard, “You Should Write a Book?” My Agent Will Show You How.

You’ve always wanted to. Your friends and family have nudged you, but you didn’t know where to start. Now my super-awesome agent, Regina Brooks, breaks it down like only she could:


If you’ve ever been told that You Should Really Write a Book , and you’ve decided to give it a try, this book is for you.    It hones in on the three key measures necessary for aspiring authors to conceptualize, sell and market their memoirs.   Written especially for those who don’t happen to be celebrities You Should Really Write A Book  reveals  why so many relatively unknown memoirists are making a name for themselves.

With references to more than 400 books and six memoir categories it is essential reading for anyone wanting to write a commercially viable memoir in today’s vastly changed publishing industry. The days are long gone when editors and agents were willing to take on a manuscript simply because it was based a ”good” idea or even because it was well written. With eyes focused on the bottom line, they now look for skilled and creative  authors with an established  audience, too.

Brooks and Richardson use the latest social networking, marketing and promotional trends and explain how to conceptualize and strategize campaigns that cause buzz, dramatically fueling word-of-mouth and attracting attention in the publishing world and beyond. Full of current examples and in-depth analysis, this guide explains what sells and why, teaches writers to think like publishers, and offers guidance on dealing with complicated emotions. Simply put, it offers essential tools for maximizing memoir success.

(One thing about Regina–she does not sell fluff–she knows her stuff, and has been in the industry long enough to advise first time, second time, and tenth-time writers. If you’re serious about your book getting SOLD, you should BUY this book.)


About Regina Brooks
REGINA BROOKS is a literary agent and member of the AAR, author, editor, publisher, and guest faculty for mfa programs around the country. Well known on the writer’s conference circuit she is also a faculty member of the Harvard Writers Course.   www.youshouldreallywriteabook.co and follow her at @serendipitylit