Have I Got You Curious Enough to Try Yoga? Online Guide Gives You the Basics


I’ve been preaching the benefits of yoga on this blog for years because quite frankly, it works. It is such a holistic mode of exercise that quiets the mind, detoxifies the body, and builds muscle, improves posture, and produces a sleek, feminine physique.


Hatha yoga pose


Because there are so many varieties, sometimes folks can get confused about which practice is best. That’s why I was so excited to find out that there’s an interactive beginners guide on all the yoga practices with descriptions, illustrations and videos.

Yoga Guide


You can discover which yoga practice fits your needs on the top half of this guide, and try out some poses with the videos provides on the bottom half. For the guide, click here.

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The Man Myth

Oh this is nice. I've tried yoga a couple of times and it just didn't work out. The first time some guy kept trying to give me a chakras reading and I kept explaining I wasn't interested in any religious aspect. The second time I went to a beginner's class and just could not keep up. I'm not the most coordinated person, lol.


Long-sword practice, with live blades, is fun, too - good exercise, as you prepare to lop off limbs and heads - does wonders for the breathing, as you swing 4' of sharp steel around.


Thanks for this list! I was just searching for yoga moves I can do at home. I love Bikram yoga but can't always get to the studio to get a workout. I'll use these videos to help me along!


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