Hottie of the Week: Jason Hendrix!

No disclaimer on this one…I’ve chatted with him and he’s a nice guy…also, a Facebook friend of mine can’t stop saying good stuff about him, so…heeeeeere’s Jason!

39 year old Italian Libra Father of two biracial daughters. Divorced.
I have a career, my own house and car
Being Italian, a Libra and a father of two girls, I guess you would call me loving, caring and nurturing. It’s just in the make-up. I am open and honest. Often to a fault. Family is of utmost importance to me. The type of woman I am looking for? Open, honest, caring, strong and understanding. Type of relationship? Ah. The real question. And why I am still single. I am looking for something slow and comfortable. Something that has a strong foundation we can build upon. Someone who understands that I have two girls that I am very protective of. Understands that it will be a long time before you meet my children because I have never wanted women to bounce in and out of their lives. I want someone that will be in their lives for a long time. Even if we don’t work out, if my girls are attached I hope you will not just walk away. Also, someone who understands that while I may love you with all of my heart and adore you…you will never be the number 1 priority in my life. That will forever be reserved for my daughters. I do not drink, I do not smoke and I am drug free. It is ok if you do any of these things, just not excessively.

(Chris here again) I like that Jason is upfront about his kids are always Number One. That’s how it should be. HOWEVER COMMA you have to have a good understanding of what, exactly, that will mean. But if you don’t want or can’t have children…go for it!!

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