Hottie of the Week: ‘Virgin’ Swirler, Fong O’Hsu

You know how you can sometimes look as someone’s picture and think, “Hey, he seems like a really nice guy!” Yes; I’m sure people said that about Ted Bundy, but I don’t think Fong O’Hsu is like that, but the disclaimer still stands: Don’t come crying to me if he kills you.

Fong is 34, and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, so I’m guessing he’s pretty smart. He lives in New Jersey and LURVES basketball, which is why I made this slideshow:

See what I mean about looking like a nice guy?

Fong recently joined the Facebook group I keep talking about these days, Asian Men Black Women Unite, but he’s an interracial dating virgin and the closet he’s gotten to a woman of color is couple of Latin women. Not saying that doesn’t count, but…

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