Take a Look and Listen: Book Review and Podcast with ‘Cocoa Fly’

Friday, May 11, 2012

Girl Get Your Swirl On:
‘Swirling’ Co-Author Christelyn Karazin Guides Readers to and Through Interracial Love

by Jenee Darden

When I first read heard BeyondBlackWhite.com blogger Christelyn Karazin was co-writing a book about interracial dating, I thought, “What more needs to be said?” Between the media’s odd fascination with black women’s dating lives, to black women empowerment bloggers encouraging sistas to expand their dating pool, I didn’t think there was more to add to the convo. Either you swirl (which means date interracially) or you don’t. But Christelyn  and her “Swirling” co-author Janice Littlejohn aren’t trying to sway readers to try “something new”. This book is a guide for those black women who are ready to jump into the interracial dating pool or have already found their Marco Polo-Chung-Pakowski.

To hear my incoherent jabber and Jenee’s poise, click here.

I did this interview after my bedtime, so I’m pretty proud that I remained conscious. I also reveal how this book is waaaay different from what anything anyone has ever done on the subject of interracial relationships thus far.