The New, NEW Black Woman: Mia Love

Ha! I bet you thought all Mormons were white.


Okay; the mostly are, but Mia Love, Republican candidate for Congress in the 4th District of Utah is African American AND interracially married.

A Brooklyn-born Mormon convert, Love is a marathon runner, mother of three, and a product of Haitian immigrants who came to the United States with $10. Mia served two terms on the city council of Saratoga Springs and just just beat out a bunch of old white dudes to snag an endorsement from Josh Romney, son of shiny-haired Mitt Romney.

Mia makes the list for the NNBW because she charted her own course in politics and in love, and didn’t go by the GAT-DL playbook–even though she’s from Brooklyn (hahaha).

What’s she stand for? “Mayor Love is best known for her conservative positions on limited government, increased citizen liberties and limited restraints on business. She believes the best thing she can do as mayor is stay out of the way of business and out of the lives of citizens. She advocates a return to the personal responsibility and reduced government dependency engendered by her father,” says her press page.