23 Year Old Aspiring Police Officer Hesitates to Date Black Women #BWWM

The Question:

Hey there, I see your videos sometimes on youtube and the videos attract me becayse I’m a white man that is only interested in being romantically with a black woman. Lately, I have been having a hard time with feeling whether things are going to work out with me, specifically if my “love is wrong”, so to speak. I’m a 23 year old white man that is graduating in December with a Bachelor’s in Criminology and I plan on entering law enforcement. Obviously, there’s a lot of race related issues that make me question if I can successfully have a career in the U.S. as well as have a successful relationship. Also, my parents aren’t exactly supportive of it. My mom just doesn’t understand it, but my dad is actually upset about it. But it’s not brought up much. I guess I just need some input on ideas, since I’m feeling like I am constantly at a dilemma. Do I just live a work life only without finding love seriously? Or do I move (i.e. Canada) and start fresh? It’s a bothersome thibg on my mind and have no one to discuss it with. Thanks in advance if you get around to seeing this.

D. B.


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