5 must have items to elevate your style

Every girl’s closet essentials are different. We all have different styles, skin tones, body shapes, making it impossible for me to tell you what you absolutely should have in your closet, without knowing you personally. What I can tell you is what my essentials are. Some are typical for everyone, others not so much. But when put together and combined with your own personal touches, I can promise that these five items will effortlessly elevate your style.

  1. A good pair of jeans

Let’s start with the basics, or the most basic of the basics, I suppose. Jeans. Good fitting, butt hugging, thigh slimming, elongating jeans that will carry you through every date (good and bad), spontaneous weekend getaway, and lazy morning brunch. The wash and cut don’t necessarily matter, I prefer high-waisted, black skinny jeans, but it’s really whatever color and cut suits you best. The real important part is the fit and the quality. Whether you drop $75 on them, or upwards of $200, you need to invest in a pair that is made well enough to last you years. And don’t settle, search and scour every department store, vintage reseller, or fast fashion retailer until you find that one pair that fits you like no other. Trust me, you’ll be glad you waited.

  1. A pair of booties

Let’s be real, whatever Instagram may have you thinking the national height average for women in America is actually only 5’4”. So despite how much milk we drank when we were younger or how many times we asked Santa to grant us just one more growth spurt, most of us never got the privilege of having naturally long slender legs. And that’s okay – because we still have booties. Booties are a short girl’s (or any girl really) best friend, not only do they give you that extra inch or two you desire, but they’re also super comfortable and extremely versatile. Find yourself a nice pair of leather booties (black, brown, pointed toe, wooden heel – whatever floats your boat) and you can wear them everywhere from work, to the bar, and then to the coffee shop in the morning. Again, the key here is to invest in a pair that really suits you, and that will stay intact after all you put them through.

  1. A silk scarf

Now this one is a little more obscure. I am aware that most people don’t own a silk scarf, may have never seen someone wearing a silk scarf and have no clue where to even find one. But I’m telling you, go to your local thrift store or favorite vintage app (or Hermes store if you’re that kind of person) and find yourself a silk scarf. Silk scarves are something I stumbled upon when my thrifting craze began. I noticed that no matter what thrift store I went to I could find at least one silk scarf. Long abandoned from everyday wear people have seemingly forgotten about their worth, leaving heaps of beautiful scarves laying around just waiting for us to pick up (and for less than $10 no less). If you don’t want to be like me who hoards them in a multitude of colors and sizes, I recommend picking one of a larger size. Something big enough so you can tie it in your hair on a bad hair day, wrap it around your neck for an elegant touch, or double it as a top on a hot summer night.

  1. A killer belt

Belt’s are expensive, and they’re hard to find these days, but that doesn’t make them any less important. While a more expensive, genuine leather one is great, I recognize that not everyone wants to make that kind of investment on a strip of leather they tie around their waist (I know I didn’t). So, if you want to skip the investment on this one that’s okay. It can be vegan leather (aka pleather), thrifted, or less than $20. As long as it’s something that simultaneously matches everything you own, while still being chic enough to be the focal point of an outfit. My recommendation is something black, on the thicker side, and with a nice yet simple buckle. The real secret to owning a good belt is to add additional holes yourself, or by a tailor of some sort. Once it is able to fit your hips and your waist it will allow you to save many outfits that either require a little bit of tailoring or an added touch of interest. Tie it tight around your waist over a loose dress to create a nice hourglass shape, or around a pair of jeans with a loose shirt tucked in.

  1. An oversized blazer

This last item will allow you to “boss up” any outfit you throw together. Running late for a meeting? Throw this on over a loose t-shirt and those nice jeans you bought yourself earlier, pair it with your new booties and voila – you instantly look professionally chic. Skirt a little too short for the office? Throw this over top and it will cover anything you don’t want your boss to see. Over a loose shift dress, with sneakers, with or without tights, or with structured linen shorts; there really are so many options. This look isn’t restricted to just the office either. It can add an air of masculine power or streamlined structure to any look, day or night. And don’t feel the need to drop big bucks on a new blazer if you don’t have the money, you can find plenty of worthy candidates at thrift shops and lower end retailers. If you’re a little more daring you can even check the men’s department, there will be a wider range of styles to choose from and they’ll be guaranteed to be the oversized fit you’re looking for.

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