AAWG: The Savage Plan for the Swirling Man

The Savage Plan for the Swirling Man


Savage Tango

So then, gents…we’re almost at the end of our quest to be Swirling for The Holidays and New Year’s Eve.  It’s getting close to crunch time and we have just a few more things to do to make sure we are indeed Swirl ready.  But before we take that next step and move on, let’s rewind and double check the basics we talked about earlier.

First thing we talked about was getting your mind right for the mission of Swirling and getting your business together as a man.  Get it down and check that part on our Swirly List.  And remember, we are constantly working on that stuff.  Tis an ongoing lifelong process of self-evaluation and improving upon ourselves in multiple ways.  There’s always something we can work on to be the multi-faceted men we strive to be.

Then we talked about taking advantage of Halloween, aka THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR to get your Swirl going and lay your foundation for The Holidays and New Year’s Eve with some dating ideas to wow her with your whiteness.

Ya know something,  I was gonna call it good after that and say just ride it out from there, but that meddling Oekmama went and brought up Phase 3, so now…well, I guess I gotta go do that now.  I was gonna just spend the day on the couch eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Jerry Springer so thanks a lot, Oekmama.  Here’s your precious Phase 3, I hope ya like it…heh heh.

OK guys, so you’ve taken her out a few times and busted her out of her normal routine with your white guy stuff.  And there was none of that boring old “dinner and a movie” thing, either.  We showed her how a man of action and imagination takes care of business.  Now see, we were deliberately a little rough around the edges with some of that.  You know, like digging holes, throwing stuff in there and setting it on fire while she drank wine and watched.

Or taking her to the firing range and shooting stuff all up.

Or dressing up and heading out to a renaissance festival and eating turkey legs and drinking mead straight outta the bottle.

Time to move this Swirliness down the road, cowboy.  And here’s how we do it.


GQ style

Phase 3 is GQ time.  Yeah, we all know you can start a fire and paddle a canoe around the lake…but can ya show her your other side?  Your classy side. Switch it up and show her a suave man of style and sophistication.  We men have a supreme tendency to underestimate the power of dressing well and sell ourselves short on a regular basis. We can change that, very simply I might add, and give ourselves that little something extra that separates us from the masses of mediocre men.  Now here’s the thing we’re shooting for overall as we dress it up a little.  We’re not talking Armani or Versace here when we unleash our inner GQ dude for our SwirlyGirl.  Decide for yourself what you want to work with in that regard but seriously JC Penney is just fine.  So is Kohl’s.   Macy’s and other department stores will give you a well appreciated personal touch in their service helping you with what you want and that is always nice as well.  You can get nice stuff at any of those places that allows you to find your style, rock your look and keep your wardrobe nicely put together. We don’t need to go breakin the bank, we just want to look like we put the effort into being presentable and being a man she will be proud to be seen with.  Cuz we are about to be seen all over the place with her, ya know.  So let’s get started, and the best place is from the ground up.  So…take a look at the ground and what do ya see?  Besides empty beer cans and pizza boxes, dude.



It’s been mentioned here more than a few times, but gentlemen we are dead serious here, Ladies do indeed pay close attention to our shoes.  They do.  Ain’t no getting around it.  Let’s make sure we’ve got that part covered and work our way up from there.  Don’t let her down. So again, let’s look down at them shoes and go from there.  A nice decent pair of dress shoes will suffice. Ya know what I have found? Burlington Coat Factory and K&G Men’s Store have the same Kenneth Cole and Stacy Adams shoes as higher end stores but they cost half the price. Go check those out, they do indeed have nice shoes for a gent making a good impression. And don’t forget the shoe polish while you’re there. Your shoes will get dull and ya want to keep them looking sharp while the other Ladies are checkin out her man’s business.


Cuz Ladies do that too…heh heh.BLACK-BLACK-shoes-men-style-sock-fashion-menswear-GQ-e1352145853990

Now, before we go getting the rest of our wardrobe in place, you can’t show up unarmed by not having the proper knowledge on the proper fit.  Do not guess!!!! Nothing looks worse than poorly sized clothes on a man trying to make a good impression, so head on over to a dry cleaner that does alterations or tuxedo rental shop and get yourself sized.  They will measure your neck, chest, arm length, waist, inseam etc. and you will know exactly what size you need and what will look good on you.

So now ya have your size numbers and you want to continue your journey.  I’m not gonna lie here, if you can get her to go with you and help you pick it out…listen to Nike and Just Do It.  Its fun, it’s highly entertaining and it’s impossible to go wrong when a Lady with style is picking things out for you to try on.  If you happen to go it alone, no worries.  Surprise her with your GQ taste the next time you see her. She will indeed appreciate your newfound style she has yet to behold.

So we have our shoes, let’s get some nice socks to go with them.  Dress socks are a must with dress shoes ya know.  Hey, you’d be surprised what I see at work every day.  I’m a live and let live kinda guy, but I swear to God these guys with their white socks…what the hell, man?GQ socks

Another thing to take under careful consideration is matching your belt with your shoes.  Nice shoes and an elastic or canvas belt off your cargo pants are not gonna cut it.  Slap down a few extra $$ and get a nice matching leather belt.  It’s, like, ya know…the classy thing to do, man.  And don’t be surprised when she notices your GQesque attention to detail and smiles in a way you haven’t seen before.  Get used to it…heh heh.


Shirts and Pants

OK, time for shirts and pants, Swirlin man.  Find your style when it comes to colors, but when left to our own devices, we men have another supreme tendency to go a little conservative i.e. plain and boring, when it comes to the color of clothing with which we choose to adorn ourselves. Don’t be afraid of a little color!  Think outside the box of boredom and you will be rewarded.  Case in point:  I have a purple shirt, a pink shirt and a lavender shirt.  Every single time I wear them, without exception, they receive multiple compliments from multiple people.  It’s good to separate yourself in that regard.  Hey, don’t get me wrong here…blue and brown are OK.  And that’s about it.  Nothing eye catching about them. But when ya bust out the colors, you bring an extra dimension to your appearance that says you are your own man doing your own thing, and your thing is standing out because you Swirl, remember?


Now pants, they should be conservative.  Heh heh…yeah, like we’re really gonna buy purple pants, but still. Black, navy and charcoal gray are good solid colors that go with a multitude of colors when it comes to shirts and shoes.  You can always mix and match new shirts and expand your wardrobe with those pants. Because once you start finding your style, you’re gonna start looking around for new things to try out in order to expand it and that’s a good thing!



So now you dress well, you look good and you’re about ready to unleash your GQ dude on her, but there’s one more thing to be mindful of.  Ya wanna smell good. A good solid cologne will go a long way toward establishing your signature look and scent. It wraps up the package nice and tight and sends a message to those around you that you are indeed a man to be reckoned with. There’s a bazillion different kinds of cologne out there, so some experimenting will be necessary.  Grab a few samples and see how they work with your individual body chemistry and how long they last on you.  The main thing is, find one that works for you and DON’T overdo it.  Don’t be that guy, it can totally undo everything you have worked to establish up to this point.  Tis merely the finishing touch on The Final Product, the cherry on the top, if you will.

Ok, I’ll chill here while you go do that.  It’s cool, man, I’ve got time.  I’ll be right here.  I wanna check this smooth cat out when ya get back.  Cuz when you get back, we’re going to talk about where Mr. GQ is gonna be taking his Holiday SwirlinSweetie.


Stay Tuned.

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