What Do We Really Know About Africa?

You may remember Mirriam Simasiku-Kim as she was featured in an earlier post about African women married to Korean men living in Korea. Well, Mirriam is a scholar from Zambia who so candidly and profoundly debunks myths we have believed about Africa forever. When I first saw this short video, I could not help but think how proud Mirriam is of Africa. I also realized that I too believed some of the very things Mirriam covers in her graceful presentation. Though seemingly simple so many were moved by these truths and sang Mirriam’s praises for representing all of Africa. Watch as she so eloquently tells her audience what is and what is not truth about Africa. Enjoy and be enlightened!


mirriam and familyMirriam lives in Korea with her husband Hyangmo and two sons Mwilima Yeryu and William Yewon.


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