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An Ugly African Secret: “Corrective Rape.” Could It Happen Here?

A couple weeks ago, some disgusting blood clot of a man gave a “critique” of No Wedding No Womb, and my interracial marriage:

Ironically (and laughably) his handle is 4daluvofblackwomen O-o

That woman is past delusional, its almost insanity. I (imo) thinks she could be easily be pulled(seduced) by a brother right out of this madness. She has been hiding in her fake little(anti-black) world too long. I’m on to her bullshit.

I was understandably taken aback. I mean…SERIOUSLY? This man thinks his penis will make me forget all about my concern about 73% of black children born out of wedlock and then, divorce my white husband and leave my four kids twisting in the wind, all for some sex? Who’s the delusional one?

I posted the comment on the fan page, and it devolved into a cluster cuss, because a black, male friend of mine took offense, not to the allusion a man implying he could rape me to my senses, but the impression this gives to black men. *Mad series of Kanye shrugs*

The conversation also reaped some enlightenment, though disturbing, is worth a discussion because a another member of the fan page, a white man married to an African woman, told me that in some regions in that continent, men engage in what is called, “corrective rape” for women who have married white men, and lesbians.

Here’s what happened when this man temporarily left the country without his bride:

A childhood friend of hers said he was stuck out at night and did not have room for a hotel. This was about a month after I return and After She let him in, he tried to corrective rape her, because she married a white man, this man who came to our wedding and pretended to be my friend. He said You just need the Real touch from a real man and you’ll forget that Mzungu forever (Mzungu is Swahili for cracker).

Luckily, she was able to beat off her attacker with a cast-iron skillet, but I’ll venture to say that many women are not so lucky.

Now before I go on and the GAT-DL comes pouring out like processed cheese in a can, the offense of “corrective rape” is not limited to black, African men. At it’s core, this is a male phenomenon, in which a man’s very manhood comes into question. Whatever feeling of powerlessness causes him not to lash out upon the other man, but to transfer it upon the weaker woman, whom he knows he has physical superiority. No doubt white women who ventured to marry and procreate with black men were correctively raped all over the place back in those crazy, taboo days.

And while I’m concerned for my sisters in Africa, more of a top-of-mind concern comes from the potential danger this might have for black girls and women who venture to expand thier options and date other races. For a segment of men who have nothing but their penises to take pride in, once that cornerstone of their manhood is questioned on a wider scale, potential sexual violence could ensue.

So, don’t take a comment like, “Oh, that sista just needs some good black d!ck and she’ll come back to the fold” so lightly. I don’t quite know who to deal with the potential backlash just yet, but I think it’s worth putting our heads together on it.


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