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Imitation of Life: Atira Robinson Depicts Blasian Love on the Canvas

I met Atira Robinson, the fabulous artist behind these drawings, at my favorite blasian hangout on facebook. Atira has been drawing since the tender age of two, and that’s how I KNOW she has talent, because The Babster is almost two and can only draw pen lines on the furniture.

And who says cartoons and video games can’t be inspirational and educational? Her style influence came from watching them, so there! Kids CAN watch 20 hours of television as still have a few creative brain cells left. Oh; almost forgot: she also gets psyched about Asian art, as well as the works of Luis Royo, Vallejo Boris and Susan Seddon.-Boulet.

“I am conscious of the plight of our planet and use my artistic voice to echo the plea to save our Earth.. I tackle other subject matter which speak of spirituality, brotherhood and friendship between humans and animals and romance,” Atira says.

The obviously talented fly black chick has also illustrated book covers, children’s stories and had recently held her first solo exhibition at the Wyndham Hotel and is an avid costume designer.

More of her beautiful blasian art:




Find Atira on Facebook here.

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