As If You Don’t Get Enough of My Insanity, You Now Can Get More of it on the Radio.

People think I only write like a crazy person. But I bet you didn’t know I sound just as crazy as I write. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. I’m on Blog Talk Radio today (and have been for the last two weeks, but just didn’t say anything because I was working out the bugs) talking about yesterday’s post about how some people in the black community are invested in making black women believe nobody wants them but Ray Ray and Tyrone.

LaShaun Williams, the author of the viral piece, “Eight Reasons to Date a White Man,” and editor-in-chief of Politically Unapologetic is going to cover why the Los Angeles School District wants to keep Black and Hispanic kids illiterate because apparently homework in now for white people.

So if you’re curious about just how are I’ll go to make a point, listen in today at 1PM (PST)/4PM (EST).

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