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Atlanta Parking Attendent Writes ‘Jungle Fever’ on Interracial Couple’s Valet Ticket

Fox News Atlanta reported today that an interracial couple, a black woman and a white man, encountered overt bigotry by a parking attendant who wrote “jungle fever” on the ticket to redeem their keys. Now before folks say this might be a hoax like the lesbian waitress, turns out the valet, who is a black man, admitted to writing the offensive text. He was quickly fired.

Why in the hell would anyone risk their job in order to shame black women about marrying white men? Jungle Fever?! That woman is his WIFE. She is not a bed wench. She is a WIFE. I MUST USE ALL CAPS FOR THE SIMPLE.

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An interracial couple is upset about words left on a parking ticket stub outside of a restaurant in East Point. A parking attendant at Spondivits wrote the words “Jungle Fever” on the stub.

Kandea and Samuel Aarons said they drove from Columbus, Ga. to Atlanta to shop in the area and dine at the restaurant. They said the parking attendant at the restaurant was cordial, but they noticed the writing after they got back home.

“To me those words were racially motivated,” said Kandea Aarons.

The words are apparently a reference to the 1991 movie “Jungle Fever” directed by Spike Lee. The movie featured an interracial couple and the mostly negative reaction from the community to race mixing.

“I was upset but I was mainly disappointed. Disappointed that this is still taking place today. 2014. Especially in the big city of Atlanta,” said Samuel Aarons.

The corporate chef of Spondivits told FOX 5’s Morse Diggs that the valet parking company manager confronted an African-American employee that served the couple. He admitted to scribbling the message and he was terminated. The restaurant then call Aarons, apologized and offered her gift certificates to come back and eat again. She refused that and told Morse Diggs that she has consulted an attorney.

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