Awkward Black Girl: Are Sororities Really This Insane?! And White Jay Hypnotized By Wet Nurse!

Whew! Glad I didn’t pledge, because oh…my…sweet…Jesus.

Then I saw Part II, and realized why a BB&W reader, coincidentally also named “Jay” said this:

Perhaps an interesting topic: What do you think about Team White Jay now?

Reading the comments on YouTube and a short lived thread on TWOP, it seems Team White Jay might have experienced a sharp drop in membership.

As for me, I’m glad Jay isn’t Mr. Perfect. He makes mistakes. If we’re going to get intelligent, believable bw/wm romances then you can’t have cookie cutter vanilla dream guys.

But I wonder if forgetting J’s name wasn’t a bit heavy handed way on the writer’s
part so as to help Team Fred out. White Jay is awkward, but rude and insensitive? He’s not DBRJay. Kristin seems to be an ex, and I could believe there was some history there (flood of memories no doubt helped with that slutty nurse outfit).

Another question though is whether the production budget is so tight that they couldn’t afford to film a separate party. It would make more sense if J went to a party White Jay had been invited to and that’s where they met Kristin. Having her pop up in the middle of the street like she did?


Oh well, just my two cents.

Keep up the good work

(Another white)Jay

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