No Wedding, No Womb!

Barack: What REAL Swagger Looks Like.


Well unless you’re living in a cave and high on opium in the mountains of Afghanistan, you know by now that Ding Dong!, Bin Laden is dead. Thank you, GORGEOUS and GENIUS President Obama for showing thugs what real swagger looks like.

You know why Obama is hawt as hay-ell?

He’s not reactionary. Or insecure. He holds a quiet confidence, is tactical, and frankly, smarter than every president I’ve seen in my lifetime–Carter, Reagan (this one is close), Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2. He has more swagger in his cigarette finger than all of them, and the gravy: He makes Donald Trump look like the chump that he is. The combination of his intelligence, reserve, security within his own skin, and the ability to KICK A FOOL’S ASS WHEN NECESSARY makes him the ULTIMATE swagger superman.

Obama is not a punk. He’s not gonna go all ghetto on you like all his opponents would gleefully pray that he would. No, no. Instead, the president with tell stealthy ninja jokes to the face of a man who wraps his hair like a turban over the balding spots, and still keep his class:

Just sayin, Bush should ship that leather jacket he wore on faux “Mission Accomplished” day, exactly 8 years ago uhm…well…today.

Are you listening, all you (c)rappers who think you have swagger because you call the black women who birthed you bitches and hoes? Are you listening, drug dealers who poison your community? Are you listening, you baby-daddies who spray your seeds all over The Creation without a thought of actually RAISING and CARING for those children? Do I have your ear, you pimps who’ll exploit a 12-year-old child so you can make a buck off a harem?

All you jackasses want to blame having it so dang on hard, and that’s why you kick black women, your long-suffering ally, in the teeth every chance you get?

Take a look at Obama today. Get out a notebook. THIS is real swagger. A good-looking, intelligent, accomplished, FAMILY MAN who just happens to be the leader of the free world and just gave the War on Terror and racist detractors the smack down.

Unfortunately, oh young ladies of the BB&W crew, if you want to wait for your own personal BLACK Obama, your ovaries might shrivel up first. But fortunately, there are a lot of rainbeau men with these very qualities–so remember, character above color, ALWAYS.



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