BB&W Exclusive

Big News! Former “Goddess” & “Hottie” Make Love Connection!!

This is SOOOooooo exciting–I’m about to nearly burst. For all the people who have ever wondered if the “Goddess of the Week” and “Hottie of the Week” ever reaped an actual love connection, you can now rest easy. Former goddess, Nicole Chambers and former hottie, Jason Hendrix have made a like/love connection IN REAL LIFE and they’re both messaging me on Facebook gushing about how grateful they are that I pushed…uh…cajoled…convinced? them to connect. They’re both smart, family-oriented people with a wicked sense of humor. Plus, I bet they look cute as hay-ell together. Both have two kids from former marriages, so if they made this thing permanent they’d be 2/3 of the Brady Bunch. Details are still sketchy, and I want to give this couple all the privacy they need to cultivate their relationship, but here’s the update I received yesterday:

You deserve an A+ for your matchmaking skills. Jason said he sent you a “Thank you” so I am doing the same! Thank you for giving us the push that we both probably needed. He makes me unbelievably happy and I am excited for what our future holds. Looks like those Hottie and Goddess of the Week columns work well.

Le sigh. Love is in the air. Add it feels dayum good that BB&W had a hand in it.

So…if you’re interested in being a “Hottie” or a “Goddess,” email me at [email protected].

Best wishes, Nicole and Jason!


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