Married Swirling

So What’s It Like To Be Black, A Woman, And Gasp!!! Married To The Mob

Dion Hopkins was the solo black woman working at a posh good fella’s hangout back in the 90’s. You could imagine the constant attention the Italian guys gave her but she wasn’t having it. Nope, she wasn’t down with the swirl. Her NBABM mantra vanished when Angelo Nicosia entered the scene. She couldn’t resist the suave, dark-haired hottie that sent a gorgeous smile her way. He was probably tall with a sexy masculine build and strong hands.  Could you resist that?

To top it all off, he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. So they hooked up a few times until she learned about the first of two dangerous secrets. He was  married.  In fact, Mr. Nicosia finally “introduced” Dion to Mrs. Nicosia after, I presume, she almost broke the bedroom door down and found them together. To make a long story short, Nicosia and his wife divorced. He  moved Dion into a cozy townhouse and gave her the world including  expensive clothes, bags, a jaguar, and a wedding ring. Yup, they married and eventually had a daughter named Gia. They were living large but how did his fellow mobsters feel about the new black mob wife? Surprisingly, the mobsters themselves didn’t give Angelo any problems. NOT SURPRISINGLY, the mob wives weren’t happy AT ALL.

Speaking of his mob life…

Angelo wasn’t just a body guard or sidekick. He was a hit man for the Genovese crime family. Their world came crashing down when Angelo finally had to face his day in court. He spent some time in jail and has supposedly been released. As of 2011, He and Dion were still together and trying to stay away from organized crime. I say all the best to them.

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