Black Women Mocked at Wesley College by…a Black Man.

Much uproar and cries of racism were launched at the administration at Wesley College when the following cartoons appeared in the school newspaper:

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Clearly the cartoons are offensive towards black women. And normally such insults would galvanize the black community to dust off Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the NAACP to shake down the college. It would be fodder for the 24 hour news cycle.

Except for one thing. The cartoonist isn’t a well-moneied overprivileged racist. He looks like this.


Meet Bryheim Muse, Wesley student and aspiring cartoonist who thinks everyone will think it’s funny to mock black women. Notice how he gave the girl with the BLACK LIVES MATTER shirt blond hair and a big mouth? Did you notice the garden tool used to represent us uses improper grammar? “Who is you calling a hoe?” Notice how none of the “satire” is directed at black men?

He’s the reason you’re not hearing more about this insult all over your social media streams. Because it’s perfectly OKAY for a black man to mock, degrade, and demean a black woman publicly with virtually NO CONSEQUENCES from the selectively-outraged black community. And while the black student union basically wrote a ransom letter to the Wesley Administration demanding change, their list will do absolutely NOTHING to improve the situation, because they’re demanding change from the WRONG GROUP OF PEOPLE.

See for yourself.



Wait. What?! The demand racial sensitivity classes and an increase of black staff because A BLACK MAN scribbled the cartoon? If a black male college student, whom is considered the most precious commodity in the community, needs racial sensitivity classes then there is no hope for any of us. Racial awareness inclusion…are they serious?! This is a shakedown against the college, when their ire should be directed at the community that has given a pass to insult and degrade it’s women to such a degree that it can be done in public without fear of punishment. And NONE of the demands addressed the actual perpetrator of the outrage:  Bryheim Muse!!! Did anyone catch that? NO PUNISHMENT OR DEMANDS FOR DISCIPLINE FOR THE GUY WHO ACTUALLY MADE THE CARTOON. WHAT THE ACTUAL PHUCK!!?!

I guarantee you that no other black-focused publication who reported on this has pointed this out. I didn’t even check because I already know. It’s events like these that really make me lose hope that we can ever progress, because we are too quick to post demands, march and tear our robes with outside forces, when the disease of hatred and racism is rotting and corroding from the inside.

This blog gets a lot of heat because to point out these outrages and injustices against black women automatically means we hate black men, because YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING against a black man, even when he INSULTS THE FUCK OUT OF YOU AND THREW THE FIRST PUNCH, you’re supposed to blame white supremacy, moon spots and global warming–anything except where the blame truly lies.

This comment came from our Facebook page, and it was so good, I had to add it:

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