We Broke $5,000 in just THREE Days! Get Your “Troll Tears” Sippy Cup Today!

The fundraiser for a dedicated forum and social networking site COMPLETELY dedicated to the romantic, spiritual, financial and physical empowerment of black women and the men who love them has been beyond successful.

I asked for $1,000.

You gave me that in less than an hour, and you KEPT on giving. As of this post, we’ve raised $5,118.00! Earlier today, when we were just $72 under the 5k mark, BB&W fan, Marilyn Dowdy, came up with a brilliant idea. Here’s what she said:

“Do you have and will you be offering BBW merchandise to paid members or for your fundraiser? I think a lot of your fans would really love to have one of those portable wine cups or key chain.”


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.23.39 PM


The fact that our community raised that much money in under 72 hours (!!!) was a clear statement about censorship, the continued invasion and terrorism of black women’s spaces, and the desire to grow Beyond Black & White, the ONLY community on the internet of it’s kind.

So for today only, if you give $25 or more to our fund, I will send you your very own Troll Tears Sippy cup, so you and I can raise a toast to what turned out to be the BEST thing that ever could have happened. Make no mistake, the events over the last couple of days is the talk on all the black message boards. I checked. 😉

Donate for your Troll Tears Sippy Cup HERE

And because BB&W is about the New, NEW Black Woman, who builds a sisterhood based on like minds, Marilyn is promising to donate 50% of the purchase of her e-book, “The Secrets to Growing Curly/Coily Hair Long. Just put “BBW Fund” in the sellers info box at check out or copy & paste their receipt along with adding “BBW Fund” to their msg then send it thru the contact page on the site. 

This is the eBook page

But don’t think I’m taking all the extra money for donations to start booking road trips, staying in hotel suites and buying box seats at sports events (those of you who know who I’m talking about will get that reference). We’re going to build the BEST dinged darned forum possible, with full social networking functionality. A place where we can SAFELY have our discussions without fear of being shut down, plan local meet-up events that are city and state specific, and even create a section where singles can mix and mingle. In short, your money will create the virtual world of Beyond Black & White, your haven and your home, that YOU helped build, nurture and support.

And because I know I’m going to be accountable for every penny, we will have 100% transparency of how and in what manner we spend these funds, that you’ll have access to review and provide your input. Micro funding has been a blessing to small-fry bloggers like myself, and I want to set a HIGH standard of how we oversee the donations so as not to spoil or contribute to cynicism for the next black woman who comes along and has a dream. All participants of micro funding MUST maintain their integrity, because the future success of these programs hang in the balance.

Because you made it so definitively clear that you desire BB&W to grow and thrive, while sending us a mandate, I’m taking our story to the press!

And because it’s just poetic justice with a big ‘ole pink bow, we going to have a SPECIAL Google+ Hangouts Victory party, exactly ONE WEEK after the trolls ran a victory lap about tearing our 37,000-strong original fan page down. I’m going to invite participants of our private G+ group to join the party, and we’ll have a quick brain storm for ideas on how we can branch out our brand. Meet me at my You Tube channel at 7PM PST to watch it live.

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