Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

BWIP: Take a Cue from Jennifer Hudson–Lose the Fat and Become Internationally Hawt.

We haven’t done a Black Women’s Improvement Project recently, have we? Well, let the lessons begin again, and take notes because there might be a quiz later, ummkay?

JeHu clawed her way out the mammy pigeon hole to an overnight sex symbol. She now has a super model’s height, but the curves that are signature black woman. And…She is THE BEST example of the BWIP in practice.

She went from this:

Lawdhammersee you could knock somebody into a coma with those.

To this:

*In my cheezy knuckle-dragger come-on voice* " you work out?"

Jennifer is STUNNING. I mean, not in that trying-to-be-nice way that you refer to people who lost a lot of weight and look like deflated balloons. *cough* Star Jones *cough* I mean, she is legitimately hot as Hades, and men of all races are now panting after her. This is a prime example of what I was getting at when I wrote, Get Over It! Rainbau Men like ‘Em Skinny!

I mean, it’s like she unzipped the fat suit and the wolves came a-howling. All’s I know is, her fiance-slash-baby daddy better hurry up and marry her because she’s got her pick now. I’ll BET Ms. Hudson’s newfound hawtness has her man losing some of his leverage.

But that’s just a guess. You can’t see me, but I’m winking at you! 😉

Most importantly, I can really appreciate the level of ‘classy sexy’ Jennifer exudes. She had that before she lost the weight, but it looks better on her now.

Time to face the fat, girls. Kudos to those in the BB&W crew who have gotten serious about it. Now you can see an example of how differently people relate to you when you have a body like a goddess. Fair or not, ’tis the way it ’tis.

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