Check Out Shabby Apple Designer, Athelia Woolley

Before I saw this video of Shabby Apple brainchild, Athelia Woolley, I thought she was awesome.

This just makes her awesome-er to me.

While I’m not a Mormon, I have a TREMENDOUS respect for their values. Specifically when it comes to service of others. When The Babster was in the hospital for two months, it was my Mormon neighbors who brought over weeks of pre-made dinners, babysat my other kids, and provided support. I saw the love of Christ through them, so nobody, I mean NOBODY can convince me differently.

I suppose, now that I know Athelia is Mormon, and understanding their commitment to modesty, I can see how the classy, romantic styles that prove you don’t have to bare half your breast-es-es-es and arse to be gorgeous.

Athelia Woolley's designs, Shabby Apple

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