The Circuitous, Serendipitous Way One MGTOW Man Found Me, and Found the Girl.

Mixed race couple in the countryside, looking to camera

I have to admit, most information and exposure I’ve had to MGTOW men (Men Going Their Own Way) has been utterly frightening, and downright repulsive. So my jaw just about dropped to the pavement when a new subscriber of my You Tube channel (please support and subscribe) wrote this under a video:

MGTOW is a “movement” started by white men, their reasons for abandoning white women vary greatly per person and most of them do NOT hate women. Black men talking MGTOW is a more recent phenomenon and since white men for the most part cannot possibly have a clue what it’s like to grow up in the black community, most MGTOW men do not know that life for a black woman is vastly different to that of a white woman. White women are the most privileged class of people to ever walk the face of this earth and they have the hard work, sacrifice and giving nature of mostly white men to thank for it.

Please keep in mind that MGTOW anti woman commentary coming from a white man is NOT directed at black women, unless specifically stated (like the Veganerder). Just in case you don’t understand what I am on about, I will explain by telling you how my last relationship with a white woman ended. I had been with her for 6 years, 3 of those years we were living with my parents since we were both going to school (I fucked up in puberty and made up for it in my late 20’s), 2 years of living together while she was making more money than me and working more hours (40 hours for her, 20 hours for me) and the last year I finally got my own business started and I made more than her.

During these 6 years she gained 22 pounds, every effort to get rid of the weight ended in 2 weeks. In the last year I was working 60+ hour work weeks and paying for most of the expenses (heating, water, electricity and rent while she payed for groceries), at the same time she got herself a new job cause the old one caused her to burn out she now worked 32 hours per week. Here’s where things get really interesting for the feminists among you, I did 60+ hour work weeks, I did the dishes, I did the cleaning and I did the cooking, all the while she was doing 32 hour work weeks and coming home exhausted and complaining every day and all she did in the home was the laundry……. And even that was sometimes done by me cause I had nothing to wear. This is why I went MGTOW, this is why I dumped her, this is why I got to “he who shall not be named but is black and hates on black women” and THAT led me to Christelyn, which led me to figure out that black women are not the same as white women, which led me to find out more, which got me interested in dating black women, which led me to find a black woman, which led me to getting her pregnant (by choice), which led me to asking her to marry me, which we will in January next year.

Well…damn! Just when I begin to question if what I do really matters, this was an absolutely cool thing to read.

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