Guests of the Inner Sanctum

“Coloracism? Meh. You Must Also Believe in UFO’s and Big Foot.”

We black folks are EXCELLENT at gaslighting each other. I mean, we’ve got it down to a science. When you protest about OOW rate, someone says, “You can’t trust statistics. Or your own eyes.” When you mention the shortage of marriageable men, another person says, “There’s plenty of good men out there! Black women just want the thugs!” And then, when you mention the issue of a color hierarchy, you get the BIGGEST WHOPPER of all: “There’s no light skin vs. dark skin anymore! That’s just a JEDI VOODOO TRICK by the big, white, bogeyman to divide us!”

Never mind that Twitter had a team light skin/dark skin battle. Or that an Atlanta club (run by blacks) promoted “Light Skin vs. Dark Skin” on the club fliers. BUT NO! We’re all imagining it.

So just to check in and make sure I am indeed NOT crazy, I checked in with my pal, Danielle Belton, creator of The Black Snob, the I-don’t-know-how-many-times winner of the Black Weblog Award. She wrote a blog a while back about how black people can actually sue their employers for coloracism–and win.

Danielle Belton Talks Colorism by Christelyn

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