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Corsets and Waist Training…So It’s Really a Thing?

Ah the corset…once an essential undergarment in the days of old has now seemed to have made a comeback. Women all over Intagram and Tumblr are showing off their sexy corsets and claiming that wearing them for extended amounts of time will create an hourglass shape.


The question isn’t whether it works–wearing a corset will give you a slimmer waistline while you wear it, but what about lasting results?

Some say it can.

I’m willing to give a variation of it a try via a waist cinched–the kind you get from sporting goods stores. A good one will give you similar compression, but it flexible enough to workout in. It also give the posture and back support that a corset will, and a fraction of the price.

One thing to note, however, is that waist cinching alone won’t give you lasting results. There’s no substitute for exercise and diet adjustments. If you’re especially trying to lose belly fat, it’s essential for you to cut out processed foods, white sugar, and other foods that contribute to sugar spikes, like potatoes, bread, and pasta. Storing fat in the gut is a symptom of insulin issues, because when your blood sugar spikes and the energy isn’t utilized, it gets stored as belly fat.

So How Does it Work?

With 5″ to 10″ waist reductions require figure training. This is possible with only a few hours of training each day, but for best results and the greater reductions maximizing the time in the corset is recommended, removing it only for bathing and exercise. Modern physicians agree that those aiming for a very small waist, near permanent wear minimizes health risks as this allows the internal organs to settle and adapt into the modified shape. Opponents of body modification are convinced that it is unsafe and dangerous, but it has been demonstrated in the present and the past that the body is naturally capable of accepting compression and allows for considerable organ movement without ill effect. Organ displacement and compression during pregnancy, especially the third trimester, is far greater than from any tightlacing. Provided the guidelines are followed (see “How to”) the internal organs are unaffected by it, because they are semi fluid and very flexible. This flexibility allows us to move about and bend our bodies, or …enjoy wearing a tight corset. [SOURCE]

For a more comprehensive how to, click here. But exercise caution. Here’s a post on the downside of waist training.

There are other benefits of waist training that might have a lasting effect, such as adjusting your posture, which can help this appearance of your silhouette. It’s like you’re mom used to nag you about…stand up straight girl, and your stomach naturally goes in a inch or two.

I just purchased this waist cincher on Amazon. Looks like it runs small so I purchased a large.

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