What the Cuss?

What Da Cuss is Wrong with the NYPD?! Stopped and Frisked for “Being a Mutt!!”

My buddy Morgane Richardson sent this video to me today and I was just…OMG…

Horrible, Shocking

I just do not know what to say. You hear stories of police harassment and I’ll be the first to admit that 9 times out of 10 I side with the cops, because to not do so is to face an uncomfortable truth–that the men and women appointed to serve and protect are often bullies with badges.  Many people attracted to police work are just another side of a rusty coin, because not all sociopaths are criminals. Some have the cunning to lord over criminals and civilians with little fear of ever being locked up for their antisocial behaviors. Within certain  parameters, our society even encourages this behavior as a necessary tactic to maintain law and order.

…But is The Any Other Way?

On the other hand, when you listen to the public official being interviewed, he says that he’s gone into urban neighborhoods and the people are asking for MORE stop and frisks. If I were trapped in a dangerous neighborhood, I’d want the po-pos to walking the streets like they were being occupied.

To say to the police, “Hey! Back off! Just because that boy is wearing sagging pants and a hoodie and keeps looking back at you pigs suspiciously doesn’t mean he’s a criminal!” could lead to unintended consequences. Think about it. Say they do back off. The result most likely will be those very neighborhoods  and citizens again being overrun with criminals having no fear of consequences. I’m sorry, but to save the ‘hood is full of nothing but misunderstood choir boys and nuns-in-training is completely naive.

Is there really any good solution that protects peoples rights AND keeps the community safe?

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