DeBlasio Gives Lessons On How to Protect a Woman. Take Notes.

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The media is so hard on mothers. If you’re Michelle Obama, militant feminists complain that you shame the movement because you’re happy with being “Mom-in-Chief.” If you’re Chirlane McCray, then the New York Post skewers you because you have torn feelings about becoming a mom and leaving the career world. That isn’t news. But what is notable is that McCray’s husband, New York mayor, Bill DeBlasio, essentially challenged the Post to a dual to protect his wife’s honor.

Mr. de Blasio, who has taken pains to portray his wife as a prominent and powerful member of his administration, decided midday on Monday that he wanted to address the headlines, and ordered his aides to organize a question-and-answer session with reporters.

“It suggests a tremendous misunderstanding of what it means to be a parent, what it means to be a mother,” Mr. de Blasio said of the coverage.

“A lot of hardworking women in this city are offended,” Mr. de Blasio added. “I think both The Post and The Daily News owe Chirlane an apology. I think they owe all of us an apology.” [SOURCE]

See what happens when women merge and marry on the same level? DeBlasio did EXACTLY what a MAN should do. He used his power and influence to protect his wife. So few black women ever experience that level of chivalry, to the point that we doubt it even exists.

I have observed them the sidelines several interracial couples in which the woman married a supportive and loving man who had the means to influence certain positive outcomes for their mates. Marriage is not just a bond of love in these cases, but a strategic alliance .

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