What the Cuss?

Disney Brawl Postscript: How Toxicity Flourishes

Written by Nicole J.

Apparently no charges were pressed following the Disney beat down that happened earlier this month, and that is a testament to how black people let toxic behaviors continue.

For those who missed it, a black family was in Toon Town, an area in Disneyland meant for its youngest visitors, and had a knock down drag out fight, complete with hair pulling, punching, and cursing, and bold statements that the instigator in chief (Red/Pink Shirt) was “not afraid to go back to jail”, which, let’s be honest, is probably a home away from home for him. Instead of fighting obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other issues I’m sure they are no stranger to, they turned on each other, and here we are.

On an international stage, these people embarrassed themselves and displayed every negative stereotype about black people, on video, immortalized forever. The Anaheim Police Department is currently investigating the incident, but according to their Twitter, the parties involved said they didn’t see, hear, or do anything.

Thankfully there is video of this incident to provide some truth and context to this situation, because they all need to catch some charges. But what does this say about the wider community?

It’s not unheard of in the black community that friends and families will harbor a known fugitive from the police after committing a heinous crime. Not too long ago, Simone56 posted and condemned a Go Fund Me Campaign on her page that was aiming to raise bail money for the male suspected of murdering 4-year-old Maleah Davis (thankfully now taken down no doubt in part thanks to Simone and her likeminded followers who reported it). All too often will you hear stories about little girls and boys telling the people meant to be their protectors, that someone, be it a blood relative or family friend, was inappropriate with them, only to be met with disbelief or unconcern and fed to the abuser at the next family reunion.

After witnessing an incident like this in public, I have no doubts this is how they get down at home. This rampant dysfunction will flourish because nobody wants to be the snitch, or hold anybody accountable for their actions. The community at large will also turn a blind eye, and rather than admitting that yes, this unfortunately makes us ALL look bad, they will make up excuses for their inexcusable behavior. I said it in the previous post, and I’ll say it here too: I am nothing like these people and I would never associate with them in this life or the next. But unfortunately their savagery will have an impact on how I am viewed as part of the collective. Our image as black people is more frequently shown as unappealing, violent or deranged, so we can’t take these imagery hits like other races can. Yes, all the other races fight, but they have way more publicity that shows them in positive lights to outnumber it. Plus, they usually have the good sense not to record and chant World Star in the background.

Those children also don’t stand a chance. In KsC’s analysis (now since removed), she said the whole bloodline is doomed, and I wholeheartedly agree. Honestly I think that one kid would have been better off with the woman that plucked him out the fray and brought him to safety. They are young so they could still potentially be saved, but do you really expect children born into chaos, violence and insanity, to grow up and be productive members of society? Do you think any sons present will make good choices and stay in school and continue on to higher education, or would he end up like the male figureheads in the family he witnessed growing up, beating on women and claiming gang loyalty? Do you think any daughters will know how to navigate life in a feminine way, or in any way at all, when she watched the women in her household take hits from the males that were supposed to be her protector? Would it come as a surprise if any sons grew up to be abusive malcontents, and the daughters end up as every negative statistic because that’s what they had in their house and they had no one with sense around to teach them?

The kicker is that the Man, the System, and everything else will be to blame for this, and because those are accepted excuses in certain segments, the cycle continues.

I’m no lawyer, but there has got to be some charges they can pull out for these people, especially the self proclaimed Neighborhood Crip, because he is very clearly a threat to anyone around him.

There really needs to be a concerted effort to reclaim our image, especially as black women. Until then, we’ve got this mess.

Also, I hope Disney comes down so hard on them they don’t even get Disney Channel anymore.

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