Do You Support Marriage for All?

I associate the word marriage with religion and since I also support a separation of church and state, I see nothing wrong with allowing religious institutions to retain final authority over the word marriage while the state only officially recognizes civil unions. But I think that civil unions should have all of the rights and responsibilities that we now bestow upon people who get married. People who get married in a church would still have to have their unions legalized as civil unions in order for the state to recognize their partnership and bestow upon them the state-granted rights now only bestowed upon marriage.

So, either give the gay and lesbian people all of the rights of marriage and eliminate the two-tiered system of civil unions and marriage, or let the religious people have marriage and the state have civil unions.

I think that marriage cannot be crapped upon by gay and lesbian people any more than it’s already being crapped upon by heterosexual people. So to bring our great union closer to the dream of equality, I believe that gay people should be allowed to sh*t on marriage just like everybody else.

I also think that there is no good reason for the state to deny rights and privileges to non-heterosexual people when those people pay taxes like everybody else and are subject to the same laws as everybody else. If you can tax gay people then you can give them the right to get married. No taxation without representation, er, or something like that…

I support marriage No Wedding No Womb and I support marriage for all.

What do you support in terms of the rights for non-heterosexual people to get married and why?

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