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Dr. Boyce Watkins Thinks Welfare of Girlfriend-Beater is More Important Than the Victim

I’m on Facebook, minding my own business, and came upon this little update, which, if I had sniffed it, would have smelled like a bull’s fecal matter.

Not sure if Dr. Boyce saw this but…

So…because Tony Farmer is THE PRECIOUS, we need to coddle and protect him, despite the indisputable felonious act he committed. If I were to ever go on Dr. Boyce’s show, I would ask him why he thinks this young man’s future is so much more important the the girl he pummeled. I’d ask him, with his position and platform, why he is so quick to dismiss the violence done to this young woman. And then finally, I’d ask, if the felon he is coddling were a white boy who could play ball and was on his way to a bright future and he did this to this black girl, would you be saying, “Give the boy a chance?”

I think we all know what the answer would be. Gladly, on the same thread I saw many black men who took issue with Dr. Boyce’s stance, and straight out asked him if it had been one of his daughters who got their ass beat on video, would he be so quick to forgive. And then you had the usual GAT-DL apologists who rung their hands and fretted about how that poor boy wouldn’t get the help he needed in jail, blah blah blah. Or that the big ‘ol hulk is really just a child, with a child’s brain, and shouldn’t be held responsible for beating the black off his girlfriend, or continuing to threaten her via text message despite the protective order that was put in place.

You know what I also noticed at that court sentencing? All those women wailing and falling out over Tony Farmer because the big ‘ol white meany judge administered her justice, and not a father in sight. Also telling.

Circling back to the men who were on the side of the young girl who got her hindquarters beat, it truly made my heart proud. Problem is, none of those men have the same platform as Dr. Boyce does. Like many of the women who chimed in on that Facebook post, men like Boyce are the enemy of black women and girls. They place their favoritism squarely and unapologetically with black men and boys and will throw black girls and women under a fleet of buses if it means they can save just one Tony Farmer.


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